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Who am I?

                                                                        Who am I?

            I was born  in Guayaquil, Ecuador on April 6th  1970.Ecuador is divided into four geographical areas:
1) The Coast
2) The Mountains (Andes)
 3) The Amazonian jungle
 4) The Galapagos Islands

 Guayaquil, my city                
    Guayaquil is located on the coast of Ecuador.It is the most populous city in Ecuador and the main seaport.There are only two seasons: winter and the summer ,in winter it rains a lot for three months;January, February and March, and in summer, it is very dry  this is the rest of the year.
My studies
When I was a child I like teaching, so I decided to study a teaching degree. I worked in a private school for three years, with children from seven to nine years old.

My life in Spain
I came to Spain in 1996.I have always lived in Cantabria. First, I lived in Santander, but now I am living in Mogro.
I live in a house with a garden, where there are some fruit trees and in the summer I like looking after the plants.I love all of the seasons, but I do not like cold weather too much.

My experiences in Spain
       When I arrived in Spain, I had to validate my studies. I passed some exams and I could homologate my studies in 2004. I worked as a private teacher and leisure and recreational activity monitor.

Education-related courses

  Dance as a teaching resource.
  Digital whiteboard.
  OpenO ffice 3.0

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