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Biodata Mónica



I am Mónica Zambrano Ponguillo was born in Guayaqui, Ecuador in April 6 th 1970.
When I was a child I liked to teach, so I decided to study a teaching degree.
I worked for three years in a private school, with children from seven to nine years old.

I came to Spain in 1996. I have always lived in Cantabria, I lived in Santander  before, but now I live in Mogro.                                                                                                                                
When I arrived in Spain, I had to validate my studies. I passed some exams and I could homologate my studies in 2004.
I am studying right now in the University of Cantabria.
I worked as a private teacher and  a leisure and recreation monitor.  

Education Related Courses

  • Photoshop
  • Coaching
  • Digital whiteboard
  • Dance as a teaching resourse
  • Internet
  • Monographic works
  • OpenOffice 3.0.


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